To be listed on a new exchange on November 3rd

On December 3rd, KINGS token will be listing on a major Exchange: BCEX

An announcement regarding a joint development collaboration between KINGS and Lakala Terminal on blockchain payment has announced listing on BCEX, which is one of major Exchange. Listing Date: December 3rd (Monday)

KINGS has made a business alliance with the world's largest smart POS payment and settlement company "Lakala" to jointly develop a blockchain implemented application called "KINGS-PAY".

As it is scheduled to expand worldwide, all blockchain payments that are paid and settled through Lakala Terminals will go through “KINGS – PAY”, and transaction fees generated will be paid to KINGS.

In China, Lakala Terminals accounts for 99% of the convenience store POS, 100% share in taxi cabs, and amount handled this term is close to 65 trillion JPY.


BCEX is a crypto currency exchange based in Vancouver, Canada that opened on September of 2017. According to CoinMarketCap, BCEX is ranked 14th (data as of November 19th, 2018) in traded volume which is one of a high liquidity exchange out there.
There are 94 abundant type of coins handled, as well as exchangeable coin pairs of 121 pairs making it wide range.

Since BCEX is strictly regulated by Canadian Laws and Regulations, registration of individual “passport” as a form of ID upon registering to the Exchange is strictly enforced.