KINGS group has obtained a Felica card service number in preparation for issuing its “KINGS card”
~ The first time ever for a blockchain related company ~

To offer a IC card service that can handle blockchain payments, KINGS group has submitted a common area use application – which is necessary for using mobile wallets and Felica cards – and successfully obtained the service number necessary for conducting such services ourselves.

By becoming the first company working on the development of blockchain payment terminals that has obtained a Felica service number, it has become possible for us to create an ecosystem that allows you to charge stable coins and crypto currencies on your Felica.

KINGS and Lakala Inc., one of the world’s largest payment platform companies that handles a trading volume of over ¥70 trillion, are already partnering and working together on the development of such services, while KINGS is already constructing a environment for the use of blockchain based cryptocurrencies and stable coins in the Japanese market.

At KINGS, we are expecting to issue our own Felica card within the first half year of 2019.