KINGS Token (KING) listed on Cryptocurrency Exchange WBF (US License Exchange)

On March 3, 2021, KINGS was listed on the cryptocurrency trading WBF (US License Exchange).
The listing date and time will be 15:00 on 3/3 Singapore time, which is the WBF Asia base.

◆ Deposit time: 2021/3/3 00:00 (1 o'clock Japan time)
◆ Transaction time: 2021/3/3 15:00 (16:00 Japan time)
◆ Withdrawal time: 2021/3/4 00:00 (10:00 Japan time) 1 o'clock Japan time)

The pair currency will be USDT, which is the key currency of the exchange.

For more information on opening an account , please visit the WBF Exchange

<What is WBF>

The official name is World Blockchain Future.

The New York WBF Group was registered in New York in 2017, and its WBF exchange is a global digital asset financial services platform, registered in Singapore in January 2019. Its founding team consists of veteran financial technologists from New York, Singapore and elsewhere.

WBF adheres to the compliance baseline and provides users worldwide with digital asset financial services centered on “spot trading, contract trading, leveraged trading, collateral lending and options trading”.
Inheriting the principle of "user first" and improving usability, "Spot 1.0 trading system" will be online in March 2019, "Spot 2.0 trading system" will be online in July, and more in November. A stable, secure and transparent “Spot 3.0 Trading System” is now online.

WBF is an internationalized exchange with users in 177 countries and branches in 13 cities including New York, London, Ho Chi Minh City, Seoul and Tokyo.

By February 3, 2020, they will reach 3 million registered users and 160,000 active users per day, and by 2021, they plan to reach there goal of 18 million registered users.