The world's first EV token by a listed company group

Japan Dynamics (JD), a subsidiary of China Power (China Dynamics: 0476.HK), made the following announcement.

= Dividend policy: Shareholder dividend 50%: Token holder 50% announced =

[Novelty of investment scheme]

● Create two-axis investment opportunities, "IPO" and "token listing"
● Policy to pay dividends of "50% shareholders" and "50% token holders"
● Promote "token investment" for angel round investment and "stock investment" at the IPO stage


Although global investment fever is increasing in the EV industry, we will create an investment contact point for angel rounds in the fast EV industry in the token market.

JD announced that it will grant JD's dividend of 25% to 40 billion KING tokens. (Give points so as not to conflict with securities, or buy and burn KING in the market with dividend resources) The total number of tokens is 40 billion, of which 30 billion are owned by China Dynamics / Japan Dynamics / KINGS side. 10 billion KING tokens will be sold to market investors.

In the current round, it has announced that only 10 billion KING tokens will be sold to market investors, and there are no plans to sell the remaining 30 billion KING tokens, but the policy for future token market sales is undecided and will be announced at any time.

In addition, Japan Dynamics will announce its business plan and business alliance in April, along with the IR announcement by the listed companies.
It will be announced when the official website is released.

◆ KING official website

◆ KING Official Telegram Official Group

◆ Exchange "WBF"
・ On your PC, search for KING with a search engine.
・ On your mobile phone, download the application and search for KING.

◆ China Dynamics HP

◆ Japan Dynamics HP
Scheduled to be released in April 2021.
At the same time, we will make an official announcement of the sales business plan / business alliance.