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The world's first EV token by a listed company group

The listing was suspended due to WBF on December 31, 2021.
Please see the latest release from the WBF from the link below:

As a result, KING Token will be delisted once, but will be relisted on the exchange by 2022 next spring.
The next exchange to be listed is scheduled to be listed on a decentralized exchange
that is less affected by the regulations of the Chinese authorities.
Detailed information will be announced later on Telegram / Official HP.  
                                                January 1, 2022
                                                 KINGS secretariat

(2021.03.11)A subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed major EV maker "China Dynamics (0476.HK)" has adopted KING tokens.

(2021.03.11)A subsidiary of Hong Kong-listed major EV maker
(2018.11.29)KINGS and the international investment giant Tai Yi group have announced a strategic partnership at the Japan Blockchain technology summit.

(2018.11.29)KINGS and the international investment giant Tai Yi group have announced a strategic partnership at the Japan Blockchain technology summit.
(2018.11.1)Announcement of Strategic Business Alliance and Joint Development between KINGS and Lakala has been made

(2018.11.1)Announcement of Strategic Business Alliance and Joint Development between KINGS and Lakala has been made

KINGS Project

「Making Cryptocurrency a Real World Payment and Settlement Infrastructure 」

In 2018, the concept of virtual currencies has undoubtedly achieved a certain degree of societal acceptance. However, for many individuals, the term virtual currency has negative associations that are likely to have been influenced by incidents involving the large-scale losses of virtual currencies on major exchanges, and/or by regulations made by governing authorities around the world.

Virtual currencies have come to be considered as speculative entities that exist only in a world of thoughts and ideas, as something that is only valid in a virtual context, or as something that is "virtual, just as the name implies, and invisible by normal means."

The goal of the KINGS project is to address this situation by turning virtual currency into a real-world payment infrastructure.

What We Do

Development of block chain

Issuance of KINGS Token

Development of the KINGS Token (KING) based on ERC20 and engage in service development, patent application, and regulatory procedures.

Operation of payment and settlement service

Establishing a Payment Service and Infrastructure

Expand the area of payment services through partnering with payment terminals, POS terminal makers, and distribution companies.

Expansion of Service Area

Expansion of Service Area

Deploy payment service at our partnered resort facilities and aim to expand service areas to nearby facilities.

Six Features of KINGS

Improvement of Transaction AccuracyImprovement of transaction accuracy

We KINGS have sufficiently verified Plasma and Raiden Network technology. We will further openly incorporate technologies to solve Payment and Settlement Process Speed. (Please note that there are possibilities to develop our original chain.)

Infrastructure StabilityInfrastructure Stability

No matter how good the technology is, it is meaningless unless it is accepted by the community and/or can be operated under stable nodes. To solve this stability issue, KINGS will be based on Ethereum.

Usage in Offline EnvironmentsUsage in Offline Environments

Development by KINGS is a proprietary technology that enables secure payment and settlements in an offline environments using IC cards. (Patents are pending. Details will be release after patent is acquired)

Settlement ・ Point-of-Sale Terminal (POS)Settlement ・ Point-of-Sale Terminal (POS)

Many Cryptocurrency Development projects lack the viewpoint of blockchain “ecosystem.” KINGS will go further than just simply issuing cryptocurrencies. We will aggressively invest in development of Settlement Terminals and POS Terminals.(There are possibility of strategic alliance )

Problem of fluctuationsVolatility Issues

By separating Technology Provider with Operator from the concept of Linked Coins, KING is possible to manage PEG coins as well as Fluctuating Coins.

Creating Market Needs (usable place)Creating Market Needs (usable place)

KINGS will not only invest in technology, but will proactively invest and collaborate to ensure a more “usable place.”


Currency Symbol / Units KING
Standard ERC-20
※ possibility of shifting to original blockchain in 2020
Currency Type Utility Token
Total Number of Tokens to be Issued 40,000,000,000 KING *

With regards to private pre-sales and crowdsales, the transfer of the token is prohibited in any way until the token is listed on the exchange.

News / Media

2019.03.27  NEWS

Lakala to be officially listed!

2018.11.01  MEDIA

Articles relating to KINGS was posted on the following media.

2018.10.11  NEWS

Notice for smart phone users.
For ease of access and trade, BitNoah Exchange has setup web page link specifically for smart phones.

2018.10.09  NEWS

Exchange Listing Accouncement

2018.09.28  NEWS

KINGS Official Site has been updated.

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